Ammon Cunnningham Explains Marketing on a Budget

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Many failing startups fail because they don’t prioritize marketing. They have an attitude that says I can’t afford to compete with the largest clients, so I shouldn’t even try. The truth is that marketing doesn’t have to break the bank. Ammon Cunningham provides different ways below that a small business can grow their brand’s presence and overall sales.

Content Creation – Customer service is multifaceted in 2016. For starters, it begins before a prospect enters your doors. It starts online. It’s very important to create unique and relevant content for your audience. Creating content can be free – if you choose to take it on yourself – or you can ask your staff members to get involved. Whether it’s the creation of posts on your company’s social profiles or quick employee spotlight blogs, a little content can go a long way.

Advertise Without Breaking The Bank – It’s important to take full advantage of social media advertising. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Stumble Upon and Pinterest make it possible to target with extreme precision.  Whether it’s to simply grow your audience on these platforms or to ensure that your customers are aware of special deals or promotions, a monetary amount as low as a couple of a hundred dollars could pay huge dividends.

Contests – One of the most valuable things to garner from a marketing perspective is emails. The problem is acquiring an email can grow quite costly, especially when you have to pay to obtain a list. Fortunately, social media allows for contests that require an email to enter. The best part is you can get creative with the offer. It could be something as simple as one free haircut or something as generic as a free gift card. The key will be to complement the contest with boosted posts.

Apply for Awards – There are a ton of awards out there. The secret is that most of the companies behind these rewards are looking for businesses to apply to be eligible. A quick Google search regarding rewards could get you nominated for a number of different reasons. A great way to bring in more foot traffic is to put some reward credentials right in your front window.

Business Cards – Make a lasting impression with unique business cards. Ammon Cunningham preaches that a mixture of old school and new marketing techniques is best. The power of a business card can still go a long way. It keeps a business top of mind every time someone searches their wallet.

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